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Whether you’re an avid fan of porn or not, I’m pretty sure there’s a common ground to all. I would go with the agent vids. You know, it’s when a woman is lured into an office in the impression that she is going to be interviewed for an office job, which is true, but just not in a way that she thought would be. This time around, the tables have turned and it’s the woman who’s luring a man into the office and make him realize later on that he’s actually signing up for something else — something better. It’s something considered to be paradise-like by all men in their right sense of mind out there. It’s called the FemaleAgent.

This is one of the most interesting porn sites I’ve ever come across aside from https://www.dancesensationgame.com. It’s like the most appropriate response to all of the agent videos out there, which have always been under a guy’s manipulation. So finally, they have evened out the odds with this one and there sure is no way anyone wouldn’t love this because it’s like the most pleasant thing that’s ever come to life, which is something that all porn addicts and non-porn fans would be able to cherish. Well, you already known the drill. Just re-imagine what happens to every woman who knocks on the door for that interview. That’s what happens here. Just that it’s every dude’s time to get a taste of what could have been his own medicine if he were that interviewer.

What can I say about the guys here? They’re friggin’ lucky. They’re invited to be interviewed by a woman only to be lured into having sex with her which is the best thing that could ever happen to a man. It’s one of those porn sites that make you realize that life is not so bad after all. Anyway, as a reasonably new site, they’ve got a really good content base of 450 videos. The site updates every week, so you’ll have 5 videos to look forward to every week. Each video is well worth over 35 minutes and the quality of each goes in an outstanding 720p and 1080p full HD. The storylines are really good too, by that I mean the interview flow — clever and witty lines all the way making the scenes much hotter and much easier to remember.

In a scale of 10, I’m giving this porn site an 11 only to be beaten by http://www.thelifechangenetwork.com which is a 12. No kidding. It’s groundbreaking, presenting something fresh. One would have never thought of if it wasn’t ever created. That’s how the FemaleAgent is. Superior.